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MaxoFx Introducing Brokers
An additional service available to our clients is our Maxo Fx IBs.
The Introducing Broker is a person or organization which has the experience and knowledge of trading but is generally not a broker, and has a direct relationship with a client.
Even if you use IB service, please remember that you are still the owner of your account and responsible for your trading’ results.

What can an IB do for a client?

* IB can offer assistance for clients when trading.
* IBs focus on a client’s needs and offer primary customer care service.
* IBs assist new clients to open and fund their account with MaxoFx. In some circumstances, Ibs can offer additional financial facilities to facilitate funding accounts by clients.
* Furthermore, IB can be for a client a source of useful information such as the features of the trading platform.
* Usually, the IBs service is free of charge for their clients as IBs receive compensation for the service from MaxoFx.
* Occasionally, an IB can trade on client’s behalf in client’s account. However, we would request you and your trader to create and sign a Managed Account Agreement.
* At MaxoFx, our aim it to have worthy and qualified Ibs. We re-evaluate their activities on a permanent basis to ensure they continue to give a satisfactory service to our clients.

Contact an IB
MaxoFx Ltd management would like to draw your attention to the following.

When depositing funds:

* The sender of the money is responsible for the validity of all the details on the payment documents. MaxoFx Ltd. will accept no responsibility for any errors or damages incurred by incorrect information given by the client.
* Transferring funds to any other bank accounts apart from the ones specified by MaxoFx Ltd. when opening your account, may lead to loss of your money and MaxoFx Ltd. will not accept responsibility for such losses.

If you intend to work with one of our IBs, partners or representatives please also pay particular attention to the following:

* Check the status of the IB or rep or partner and ensure they are registered with MaxoFx Ltd.
* Make sure that the details of the IB rep or partner are included on our official website.
* MaxoFx Ltd. accept no liability for funds not deposited directly into MaxoFx Ltd bank account.

When withdrawing funds:
MaxoFx. will only transfer or withdraw funds back to the bank account from where the funds originated, and in the name of the original account holder.

Do you want to find an IB in your country? Kindly select your country in the list below to see the list of Introducing Brokers in Your country.

  • Afghanistan
  • India
  • Malaysia
  • UAE
  • Armenia
  • New Zealand
  • South Africa
  • China
  • Iran
  • North Korea
  • Sweden
  • Hongkong
  • Italy
  • Rumania
  • Thailand
  • Germany
  • Israel
  • Russia
  • UK



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We would like to inform you that for new deposit and adding balance to Indonesian account, these are all bank accounts available :

Name : MAXO FX
Bank Name : BCA (Bank Central Asia)
Account Number : 7660311119

Name : MAXO FX
Bank Name : Bank Mandiri
Account Number : 124.00.0593570.6


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